Welcome to Trifles & Treasures, I’m Sarah Imrie, a hopeless romantic living in a small garden flat in south west London with my amazing husband Bryan, our two sons W and C and our beagle Rosie.

At the moment, I’m in a season of life where I find myself staying home full time with my boys.  Most days I feel very lucky that I am home watching them as they grow and experiencing their early milestones. Other days I can’t wait until I find myself back in the office with different challenges and more personal development.

Not so long ago (2011) we were a family of two living in Surrey, British Columbia with our first son on the way and Bryan was between jobs as a business consultant.  I was working as a corporate paralegal at a Vancouver law firm and excited to start my maternity leave.  While searching for his next position in Vancouver, Bryan had an opportunity come to his attention in London, England of all places.  I have always loved London and after a visit just two years earlier, Bryan was taken with the city as well.  It came as a shock to some that we would choose this time to make such a big change but we have never looked back with any regrets.

Getting to know this city has, and continues to be a great adventure for our family. I love that all it takes is a single train stop to feel like you have entered a different place in the world.  Each post code has it’s own unique history, architecture and modern community.  The constant in each of these neighbourhoods however is the high street charity shop, and that’s where you would be most likely to find me browsing.

The biggest challenge for me living in London is being so far from my mum.  We are very close and as one family member likes to tell us, it’s as if my apple never actually fell from the tree that is my mother.  It’s from her that I have developed a love of charity shopping or thrift shopping, as it’s better known back home in Vancouver. 

I love swings, my Ideal Home magazine subscription, stationary of any kind, anything chocolate, mismatched tea cups, hearing the stories behind prized possessions, putting time and love into saving something that seemed lost, and finding the value in everything.

I hope that you will enjoy spending some time here among my stories and thoughts and share some of yours with me.