So it turns out that thinking of the 1st of January as the start of my new year has become more like a good suggestion and less something that actually happens. I realise that the 1st of January literally starts the new year but that’s about all it has come to mean to me over the last four years.

My youngest son celebrates his birthday right smack in the middle of January and for whatever reason I can’t seem to shake the feeling that having his birthday just weeks after the celebrations of Christmas and New Years makes it all one long continuous season of celebration. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy celebrating the Christmas season with friends and family and equally I enjoy sharing the excitement my son feels about his birthday; although at this point, it’s mostly about the birthday cakes he asks me to make.

To a certain extent I have come to accept that January isn’t a great time to have a fresh start or make resolutions for myself. It seems just a bit too hectic, in the best possible way, and I like focusing my time and energy on his birthday so he knows it is important and special to our family – and separate from the Christmas season.

So I find myself on the 1st of February celebrating my own kind of New Year’s Day. It’s time to focus on the areas of my life I want to see positive change and take on a few new challenges.

All boxed up!

I find that a good weed through our family’s clothes and the boy’s toys is a great place to start and can really motivate me to keep going with other tasks. But, I can also get distracted by other tasks and loose focus if I’m not careful. So this time, I am doing my sort with a list handy. Anytime I think of something else that needs attention I don’t move, I just write it down for later.

Nice and tidy

It took me two days to do a proper weed and be ready for trips to a few of my local Charity Shops this weekend. It’s easy for me to forget that it’s not just a one day activity. I have two young boys that like to distract me and sometimes a tough decision or two can cause me to take a pause.

My tidy-ish home is making my head space feel a little more tidy.

Finishing my clear out had the desired effect though; I felt great about having a clean slate to move forward from and I got motivation to tackle a few other projects that I have been feeling lacklustre about. My tidy-ish home is making my head space feel a little more tidy. Plus, now I can make some changes to my Charity Shop List, things to wish for and some things I need to learn to walk away from…

Happy “Fresh Start February” and treasure hunting everyone!