img_0781Black Friday has arrived. Although for some retailers it has been “here” for the last week. So before the amazing deals (and some not so amazing ones) grab your attention and your hard earned cash, I thought I would share another important date with you. No, it’s not Cyber Monday either.

Giving Tuesday (#givingtuesday) is the 29th of November following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For some of you, this date might already be marked in the calendar, but for others this might be a new way to share your wealth this week.

…at it’s best we are shopping for others.  We are embracing the spirit of giving.

This week really does mark the beginning of the “crazy” holiday shopping season. This is a time of year that, despite our best intentions, can get away from us. We all want our money to go farther and shops know how to convince you that spending less and getting more is what you are doing. At its worst, credit card bills that taint the first months of the New Year are the result. However, at its best we are shopping for others. We are embracing the spirit of giving.

I encourage you to check out the Giving Tuesday website to hear how others are starting their giving season and find ideas and inspiration on how you can begin your own charitable season.

I have already planned my own way to celebrate Giving Tuesday… and yes, the Charity Shops of London are very much part of that plan.  You can follow my Giving Tuesday adventures here and through my Instagram feed.

You can also see how The Big Give is helping your charitable pounds go further this year. Beginning mid-day on Giving Tuesday, they have created the Christmas Challenge and are working with organisations to match charitable giving to a long list of UK charities.

When I moved to London, almost six years ago now, I remember seeing the Black Friday advertisements and being surprised at this particular US import. Having lived in Vancouver, so close to our US neighbours, I sort of understood the trickle effect that US events had on us in Canada – in more ways than shopping trends. But really, what did I expect. Retailers will take any excuse to get you in their shop in the lead up to Christmas. Perhaps Giving Tuesday is destined to become a global phenomenon on the same scale as Black Friday and Cyber Tuesday; one can always hope.

Happy Friday and happy treasure hunting!