To try a new style or stick with your look?

Early this week the team at Who What Wear UK posted the challenge to “try something different out for size” along with a quote from Japanese-French, fashion designer Kenzo Takada.  I quickly realized this was also a perfect charity shop challenge.

Fashion is like eating. You shouldn’t stick with the same menu.
~ Kenzo Takada

I think Takada’s idea has occupied my mind over the last few days because I was very quick to disagree.  But why? It sounds like a good suggestion.  Trying new things is something I encourage my two young boys to do constantly.

Perfect excuse for coloured pens

The perfect excuse for coloured pens

I like to think that I am open to trying new things myself. I just recently started running (for mental and physical fitness) at 32 years old and I started a bullet journal, to help me feel more focused and organized. Plus, any excuse to use fun stationary!  Both of these new activities have been great experiences and I continue to enjoy them.

I was wondering if maybe I just don’t have any interest in style or fashion.  But then I remembered something that I read a few months ago, from an American fashion designer, that resonated with me.

Style is very different from fashion.  Once you find something that works, keep it.  ~ Tom Ford

This cWhat I Read Italyoncept of personal style is something that I have been thinking and reading about (check out my What I Read post) a great deal this summer.  I’m not sure if it is simply a phase of my life, (mum with two busy boys), my tendency toward a more frugal lifestyle, my current preoccupation with streamlining aspects of my life, but I am drawn to the idea of a sort of “style uniform”.

I want to look good and have my clothing reflect my personality but not at any cost. I don’t want to spend an age staring at my closet before going out, or changing outfits whilst questioning how I look in the things I own. I also don’t want to be a slave (financially) to the changes in trends but still stay current with the styles that I do like.

The charity shop is my fashion house

Whether you find yourself in Kenzo Takada, or Tom Ford’s camp, or if you waffle between the two schools of thought, I would suggest that the charity shop is the answer to either approach.  If you want to step out of your “fashion comfort zone” and try something new, without breaking the bank, what better place to start.  And if you know and love your personal style and what works for your body, lifestyle and budget, racks of wonderful new-to-me (new-to-you) pieces are just waiting to be found.  In either case, the London charity shop has the inventory you are looking for.  Charity shopping means you aren’t limited to just the current A/W16 trends that are available on the high street.

The challenge

This week I am going to try and find a fashion treasure from both camps.   There are some styles and looks that I admire on others but I feel aren’t right for me so I don’t usually bother with them – but this time I will.  I will find something that I wouldn’t usually wear and try it on. I will also find a piece that perfectly represents my own personal style (at the moment) and try it on regardless of whether it is on my charity shop list or not.

I won’t commit to purchasing my finds, but I will post my results both on Instagram (with #charityshopfashionhouse) and here on the blog.  If you are feeling so inclined please join me.  I would love to hear what fashion camp you identify with and see your results of the challenge.

Happy treasure hunting everyone!